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I am a wife, mother and author living in Nolensville, Tennessee.  I plan to tell the world about my newest books and projects, right here. 
I write stories about brave women, caught in the most delightful, yet frightening circumstances.  It's always a hoot seeing how the characters finagle their way out of their impossible situations.  

You can pick up my books anytime at Shabby Lane Shop
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I've had five books published:  
The Wondrous Ways of Women, Ordinary Women, Not, The Plan B Wedding, Saving Dandy James, and Mae's Open Arms.  Unfortunately The Wondrous Ways of Women and The Plan B Wedding are no longer available!  Boo.  But Mae's Open Arm's is my newest book.  If you're looking for spiritual read to lift you up and give you hope--get it, girl! 

 All my female characters eventually learn to listen to their hearts and trust their instincts, but it's never an easy task!  Isn't that true with all of us?  

I firmly believe life is all about FINDING JOY, whenever we can!  Sometimes joy can be elusive, but we have to keep searching.  What brings you joy?  What warms your  heart?  What makes you smile?  It's different for us all.  

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Check out my Girlfriend Central articles in Our USA Magazine.  Get your girlfriend on with me each quarter as I address a multitude of topics!  I'll also post a few articles here on my site.  I'm just sayin'. 

Our country, our people, our stories. 
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And remember, life is funny--you might as well smile about it.  Frown lines are not attractive, trust me! 

My current books in progress are: 

The Snoop & Scoop Agency
The Tall Tales of Mystic Ridge 
& The Mysterious White Cats! 


This month's topic is . . . . 

Emotional Rescue--a Good Girlfriend’s Specialty  

 Look around you.  When you see a woman with tons of friends, there is a reason.  She is emotionally available, sympathetic, and a very good listener.  We women need emotional rescue on a daily basis.  We are highly emotional creatures.  The slightest thing can piss us off, make us ball, or send us running to chocolate.  With guys it’s more black and white.  You’re happy or you’re sad.  We women know there’s a huge gray area and that’s where we live the majority of our lives.  And some days we are not even sure where we fall on the happiness scale or on the fulfillment meter.  Most of the time we are trying to figure that out.  I honestly don’t think men think about those things until they are about forty-seven and their fears can usually be filled by a fast car.  Not the case with us chicky’s.  We need support every day.  And I believe the only place to get it is true, available, girlfriends.  

 Finding friends who will listen and care about your mundane crap is all up to you.  You must be a good listener to indeed be heard yourself.  It’s a two way street.  Give and you get.  Be a good girlfriend and you will find a good girlfriend.  When a coworker gives you a bank handed compliment like, “Oh, I just love your boots.  I remember seeing them for sale last year.  Styles change so fast.”  You can text your girlfriend and she will understand you annoyance.  When you call your girlfriend to complain about your cellulite, she will insist that she has more than you do.  Now that’s a rescue. 

 Your man is not gonna understand when the Phil Collins song, “In the Air Tonight”, makes you feel like a survivor, or Peter Frampton’s, “I’m In You,” makes you grin.  Emotions rule us.  He still doesn’t understand that just the right song could help him get lucky.  Men!  They’re so cute and oblivious.  True girlfriends get it.  Sometimes it’s the little things that make or break our days.  A “Wow, your hair looks amazing,” can sustain me for hours.  If someone said my butt looked smaller, I would probably be set for a month. 

 Remember those small words of support that can endear you to others.  The phrase “You go girl,” may be outdated, but I still love it.  It works.  It’s powerful.  Be available.  And by all means, be kind.  Life is harsh enough.  Yes, be truthful, but not hurtful.  We all know our butts are big.  We don’t need anyone to tell us.  Listen up when a friend calls shaken because she just heard Journey’s, “Open Arms.”  Give real praise when a girlfriend accomplishes a goal, even a tiny one.  No one else is going to be there for her or appreciate her effort.  You be the one.  You build her up.  You make her day.  Someday she will be there for you when one of your kids says the dreaded, “I hate you.”  Girlfriends are necessary and needed.  Be one.  Be a good one.  I’m just suggestin’.

Leo and Emma
(Two of the mysterious white cats in Mystic Ridge) 




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