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ISBN#  1-894869-95-8
Published by Zumaya Publications in 2003
Still available in many formats.

Relax, open your mind and prepare to cheer, as you meet the amazing characters in this collection of short stoires.  Magnolia, Daphne, Esmerelda, Divine, Barbie and many others will make you howl out loud as they grab on to life and never loosen their grip.  

As the title implies, this collection of well-crafted short stories is about women who may appear ordinary and are anything but.  What sets them apart is that one way or another these women all begin to take control of their own destinies.  All seventeen stories are a feast for busy romance fans who can grab a moment here and they for an inspiring story.  
By.  Donna Chavez member of the National Book Critics Circle and The Write Coach. 

In these fictional short stories, Morris submits quirky characters, sharp language, and sassy voices that run the gamut.  She incorporated a dose of magical realism in “The Faces in the Locket” and “The Wishing Star,” asking readers to suspend belief.  These stories are completely original and most are very romantic, despite some gritty characterizations such as a housewife hooked on cocaine and sleazy affairs in “Flower Power.”  How can this woman be saved?  In Morris’ world, no one is beyond redemption.  Her talent is remarkable, and her firm grasp on the sotry form makes this a wonderful set of short reads. 
By. Cindy Harrison, Romantic Times Magazine. 

Ordinary Women, Not is an extra ordinary collection of vignettes about an amazing collection of anything but ordinary women.  Shelly Morris shows an amazing talent that crosses every genre.  Her characters are delightful and real, and so real you are going to swear you know them.  I highly recommend Ordinary Women, Not as a testimony to the power and triumph of the feminine spirit.  By. Nan Strebeck, The Romance Studio

A unique collection of short stories that becons you to come inside, sit for a while and connect with some of the most remarkable women ever written about.  You’ll meet women who will touch your heart in so many ways.  Poignant, melancholy, adventurous, spellbinding, courageous, and loving are all strong qualities Ms. Morris brings to each of her charecters.  This is an uncanny collection of self-truths and insights written in a most entertaining way. 
By. Patti Fleishman, Romance Junkies

This book contains a collection of seventeen original fictional stores by Shelly Gail Morris about women…for women.  The stories are broken out in sections entitles, “Getting a Grip, Getting it on, Getting Real, and Getting Over it.”  From the original cover artwork to the last story “Ordinary Women, Not” is a must read.  Sit back…relax…and get ready to enter the world of some colorful, strong women who solve problems in a whole different way…you’ll find it hard to put down…and you will sit back and say “hmmmm” after each one. 
By. Theresa Gallup, Fictional Pursuits.

All the main characters in these stories are women with dreams, who seem to be lacking in some way in their lives, or have settled for less than they deserve, and are searching for more. Shelly Gail Morris, the author, does a good job of getting us interested in the lives of the various characters whose lives she begins to paint. Many of these women seem like they are struggling to achieve their hopes and dreams and to rise above the mundane worlds in which they are living. The stories are entertaining as fantasy/escapism pieces, and offer readers a little entertainment and inspiration without getting into heavy analyses of the lives of the women heroines involved. 
By. Mitchell Waldman, Author of, “A Face in the Moon.” 

My short story titled, Walking with Friends," is available in this southern fried series published by Belle Books. 

Summer in Mossy Creek
Debra Dixon, Sandra Chastain, Deborah Smith, Martha Shields, Anne Bishop, Kim Brock, Patti Henry, Judith Keim, Bo Sebastian, Shelly Morris, Carolyn McSparren, Susan Goggins

$14.95        June 2003

ISBN: 0-9673035-4-0

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ISBN#  1-932695-05-2
Published by Treble Heart Books 2005


This is the story of Judy Jernigan and her three best friends, Tiffany, Katie, and Mary Margaret, who have come to Las Vegas to renew their friendships and give their lives a much-needed boost. Laughter is the main course and for some, daring to be different is just a heartbeat away.Shelly Gail Morris has written one of the most creative novels I’ve ever read.  She has written a remarkable, humorous, and highly emotional story about the trials and tribulations of four dear friends who have stood by each other through thick and thin.  Judy, Tiffany, Katie, and Mary Margaret are the friends we’d all love to have by our side.  They each have a special strength but their love for one another is what makes this story so genuinely endearing.   THE PLAN B WEDDING is about not giving up and reaching for the stars even though the obstacles might sometimes seem too large.  When you have friends in your life, nothing is impossible, nothing is insurmountable.  The challenges that Judy and Grey face are written expertly. The emotional journey that each of the friends must overcome is laced with teary-eyed tenderness, while the humor is quick to follow.  Have you ever wanted to be different…to try new things…to be the person you have only dreamed of being?  Then, THE PLAN B WEDDING is a must read.  You are the one holding the Ace of Hearts…now it’s time to play it.
  Five Stars  Patti Fleischman,  Reviewer Romance Junkies

 Judy Jernigan is a romance writer spending a much-needed holiday with a few friends
in Las Vegas. At thirty-four, she wishes she could find a man like the ones she writes
about. Then one night in Las Vegas she meets up with sexy Grey Garland, and they get
married. The next morning brings doubts. Is this just a fly by night romance? And is Grey
already regretting it? Grey Garland is a Technical Engineer for the Air Force. In Las Vegas with some friends, he meets up with beautiful and sweet Judy Jernigan. As the evening moves on, he
realizes he feels for Judy something he has never felt for another. One minute they are
seeing shows, and the next they are married. He knows he has to leave in a few weeks,
but he wants to spend as much time as he can with Judy. But what will happen when he
tells Judy he has to leave? Will she even care? 
Plan B Wedding is a wonderful romantic tale with great realistic characters who deal with real life issues. Ms. Morris takes these characters and issues and combines them
with difficult situations, heartwarming emotions, and sizzling sex scenes, to make one
fantastic story. This is the first book I have read by Ms. Morris, but it definitely will not be the last.
Wateena,   Reviewer For Karen Find Out About New Books reviewer For Coffee Time Romance

This is a really great story with vivid characters and a great story line, actually four great story lines. There are three very good subplots involving two of Judy friends and one of Grey’s. This is a fast moving story full of misunderstanding and misdirection but in the end love conquers all. I highly recommend this one and will look for her next novel.
Reviewer: Maura Frankman, The Romance Studio



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